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iTero® Scan

Invislaign Instant Outcome Simulator

iTero Scan ®

Invisalign’s iTero Scanner is the latest in digital orthodontic technology. The iTero captures 100’s of pictures per second to generate a digital model of your current dentition and the Invisalign software simulates your potential results, instantly.

What are the benefits?

See your results before you start

The iTero ® Scan and Outcome Simulator helps you to visualise your treatment outcome. Giving you an instant simulation of your potential result.

Faster Treatment

Invisalign treatments that start with a scan can begin up to 3 times faster than when we take traditional impressions! This is because your data reaches AlignTech in just 15minutes. compared to sending your impressions via UPS to Amsterdam, which takes 3-5days!

No gooey impressions

The mess and unpleasantness associated with traditional impressions is eliminated! Ideal if you’ve got a strong gag reflex, or you’d just prefer not to have a mouth full of alginate!

No Fee

We believe that you should have as much information as possible to ensure you receive the best orthodontic treatment for you. Your smile is an investment that lasts forever so you can have an iTero Scan for free!

No Obligation

There’s no obligation to treatment, nor to decide on the day. The iTero outcome simulation will be emailed to you for you to share with your friends and family – and when you’re ready to go ahead we’ll ask you to come back for a specialist orthodontic consultation with one of our orthodontic team to confirm your clinical suitability for treatment.

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