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We believe that information provides wider knowledge and can help decision-making and attaining the most ideal treatment solution. Our blogs aim to provide facts about dental products and services to help you to fully understand what’s involved and to help you to take the best care of your teeth and gums.

If there’s a subject you’d like us to write about, leave a comment on one of the Blogs and we’ll be sure to get it covered!

should I floss
Jun 18 2019

Should I floss?

You're told to floss when you visit the dentist, you're told to floss when you visit the hygienist....

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does root canal hurt
May 30 2019

Does root canal hurt?

Like many things in dentistry, root canal's reputation is that of a scary and painful procedure. However, there are very many variables to consider before...

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charcoal toothpaste
May 14 2019

Do Charcoal Toothpastes Work?

What is charcoal toothpaste? The charcoal used in toothpastes is called activated charcoal. The charcoal itself can come from wood, peat, coconut shell, petroleum or coal. But it is...

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Mar 04 2019

When to use Mouthwash

When should you use mouthwash?  Your dental hygienist will recommend if you need to include a mouthwash as part of your daily routine. If your mouth is healthy and you're doing a great job with...

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affordable braces
Feb 25 2019

Can I finance braces?

We believe that finance shouldn't stand in the way of a stand out smile! Therefore, we offer a number of ways you can finance braces. Payment in advance 5% discount is applied when payment...

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