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Our blogs aim to provide facts about dental products and services to help you to fully understand what’s involved and to help you to take the best care of your teeth and gums.
Dentist Dr Toyin Aiyegbusi
Aug 27 2021

Meet The Dentist | Dr Toyin Aiyegbusi

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our Dental team, Dr Toyin Aiyegbusi. Having joined our team earlier this month, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce her properly and get to know her a little better....

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Diamond Apex Provider Invisalign
Aug 18 2021

Invisalign Diamond Apex Provider

At Holland Park Dental Centre we are extremely proud to be Diamond Apex Invisalign Providers. We are one of Invisalign's top performing dentists across the whole of Europe!But what does this actually mean?...

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Early Orthodontic Asessment
Aug 11 2021

Early Orthodontic Assessment | Smile Makeover

This patient attended for an early orthodontic assessment as it was becoming clear that his adult teeth would not have enough space to erupt in the correct positions. The early assessment meant that his dentition could be monitored for 2 years to enable his treatment to be started at the correct time....

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How to floss
Aug 02 2021

Do You Floss Properly?

On average only 31% of Brits say that they floss their teeth daily. Despite NHS guidelines suggesting that everyone from the age of 12 should include it in their daily oral hygiene regime. For some, it is seen as an additional extra they simply don't have time for, while others don't know how to do it properly....

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free itero scan
Jul 30 2021

iTero Scan

At Holland Park Dental Centre we believe you should have as much information about your desired treatment as possible, before you make a final decision! That is Why we offer our iTero Scans for Free! Everything you need to know!...

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Jul 16 2021

What is Invisalign®

A virtually invisible aligner system to improve your smile. It’s a series of clear SmartTrack removable aligners, no wires, no brackets which makes them comfortable and extremely hard to notice....

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