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We believe that information provides wider knowledge and can help decision-making and attaining the most ideal treatment solution. Our blogs aim to provide facts about dental products and services to help you to fully understand what’s involved and to help you to take the best care of your teeth and gums.

If there’s a subject you’d like us to write about, leave a comment on one of the Blogs and we’ll be sure to get it covered!

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Mar 04 2019

When to use Mouthwash

When should you use mouthwash?  Your dental hygienist will recommend if you need to include a mouthwash as part of your daily routine. If your mouth is healthy and you're doing a great job with...

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affordable braces
Feb 25 2019

Can I finance braces?

We believe that finance shouldn't stand in the way of a stand out smile! Therefore, we offer a number of ways you can finance braces. Payment in advance 5% discount is applied when payment...

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snoring splint dentist
Feb 05 2019

Do Snoring Splints Work?

There are varying degrees and varying types of snoring: it can be 'simple', or it can be symptomatic and may require further exploration. Regardless, there are a number of...

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gum disease perio
Jan 07 2019

It’s only a bit of gum disease… isn’t it?

Up to 9 in 10 people in the UK have some degree of gum disease; signs can be as small as a touch of bleeding when brushing – which is widely ignored. However, unhealthy gums can eventually cause your teeth to lose support and become unstable, which can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease such as Gingivitis can lead to a much more severe and irreversible disease called Periodontitis. The good news is, that with appropriate dental recalls and a thorough and knowledgeable oral hygiene regime, you can tackle gingivitis and prevent it from ever...

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Dec 19 2018

More than your regular S&P!

What is PROPHYpearls? PROPHYpearls is an Air Polish that's extremely gentle on the teeth.  It's scientifically proven not to leave any adverse modifications to your tooth's surface as the pearls do not have any sharp edges.  The PROPHYpearls spherical shape also...

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white veneers
Nov 26 2018

Can I whiten my veneers?

This is a question we are often asked. When patients have porcelain veneers fitted to a shade they're happy with at the time, they may decide they would like a whiter, brighter smile later on. Unfortunately, because of the material they are...

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quit smoking advice
Oct 01 2018

Become a Non-Smoker this Stoptober

  Why stop smoking this Stoptober? Did you know that within just 20 mins of quitting smoking your heart and body begins to recover! You’ve already made the decision to quit, recognizing this will benefit your health is a great first step – now, you just need to stay motivated. Here are some overlooked reasons to help you become a non-smoker!   Your food will taste better! When you stop smoking, your senses of smell and taste get a boost. You may notice that food tastes and smells different as your mouth and nose recover from being...

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