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We believe that information provides wider knowledge and can help decision-making and attaining the most ideal treatment solution. Our blogs aim to provide facts about dental products and services to help you to fully understand what’s involved and to help you to take the best care of your teeth and gums.

visiting the dentist
May 10 2021

Visiting the Dentist Is Safe And Essential

With the prospect of the world returning to 'normal', we are all excited to get our hair done and enjoy a well deserved drink with friends at the pub. But, don't forget about your oral health! Visiting the Dentist and Hygienist is completely safe and they are waiting to see you!...

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teeth whitening
Apr 28 2021

Does Teeth Whitening Actually Work? | The Fads And The Facts!

The short answer is yes! However, as with many treatments that cross over, between the dental and beauty industries; The question of safety is something we feel very passionately about! From toothpastes to over-the-counter whitening gels and questionable beauty salon treatments. Let's explore which ones work best and what treatments we consider to be the safest....

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Oral Health
Apr 17 2021

Oral Health | 5 Facts & Tips For Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

Maintaining good oral health isn't just about brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist. although, of course they are very important!Many things in your day to day life can affect your oral health. Here are some things you should know on how to keep your mouth and teeth as happy and healthy as possible!...

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Children's Orthodontics
Apr 10 2021

Children’s Orthodontics

So often children come to us hating their smiles, while the functionality of your teeth is important, we understand that a great smile will work wonders for a child's confidence - especially during those awkward years! And we love helping them achieve the best results possible!...

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General health
Mar 19 2021

What are the links between General Health and Dental Health?

Did you know that gum disease is the most widespread chronic disease, despite the fact that it is highly and easily preventable! The links between your general health and dental health are undeniable. A build-up of bacteria caused by dental disease can increase your risk of other kinds of disease and serious health problem across your body."The link between oral health and overall health is well documented and backed up by robust scientific evidence. Despite this, only one in six people realises that people with gum disease may have an increased risk...

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