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We believe that information provides wider knowledge and can help decision-making and attaining the most ideal treatment solution. Our blogs aim to provide facts about dental products and services to help you to fully understand what’s involved and to help you to take the best care of your teeth and gums.

Mar 16 2020

5 Dental Tips for Busy People

People in London are busy! In fact, Londoners spend a staggering 3507 days at work in the lifetime. But, no matter how frantic the day gets, your dental hygiene should be an essential part of your daily routine. Here's 5 dental tips for busy people....

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cosmetic dentist
Mar 09 2020

Free Smile Assessment

Fixed braces have been over shadowed by Invisalign and Lingual braces in recent years, but there are huge advantages to fixed braces....

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composite bonding
Feb 27 2020

Composite Bondings

Composite bonding can make cosmetic improvements to your smile quickly, without causing further damage to your teeth....

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Feb 10 2020

Does Invisalign Work?

Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks, gradually moving your teeth to their ideal position. But, will it work for you?...

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