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Invisalign Smile Transformation

Invisalign Smile Transformation

Invisalign, Composite Bonding and Orthodontics

Tom presented with a very difficult case with a number of orthodontic issues, including a very prominent tongue thrust which can make orthodontic movement very tricky. His teeth were extremely crowded, his bite was malaligned and he had a very obvious cant to his smile, from a knock during a rugby match. Tom had fixed braces as a teenager, but sadly never wore his retainer or a gum shield during contact sports!

Patient’s main area of concern:

  • General Crowding
  • Anterior Open Bite
  • His lower incisor was disappearing behind his other teeth, making it impossible to keep clean
  • His upper right lateral incisor looked ‘missing’ at some angles and in some photos

With his wedding fast approaching Tom wanted a fast, discreet option and was interested in having Invisalign Treatment.

After a long assessment and discussion about his desired outcome versus the possible outcome and the best Orthodontic treatment for his case; Dr Anthony Lam suggested that he complete 90% of his treatment with Invisalign. And then, he could either accept the slightly less than perfect result or he could refine and finesse the result with fixed braces for a shorter period of time, after his wedding.

Patient’s final treatment plan:

  • Upper and Lower
  • Invisalign Interproximal Reduction and Attachments
  • Removal of Attachments and Temporary Composite Bonding (the temporary bonding gave the illusion of level anterior incisors for Toms wedding)
  • Fixed Upper and Lower Ceramic Braces
  • Elastic Wear
  • Brace Debond
  • Fixed and Removable Retainers

Given the complexity of this case, even we were blown away with these results. Tom’s transformation is testament to his dedicated aligner and elastic wear. As well as the skilled treatment of Dr Anthony Lam. What a fantastic Smile Transformation!



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