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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Orthodontics, Tooth Whitening, Dental Implant and Porcelain Crowns

As a multidisciplinary practice, sometimes it takes more than one clinician to achieve the ultimate smile makeover result for our patients.

Bhavi attended with a missing upper incisor an increased over jet. She was looking to improve the overall aesthetic and also to find a permanent replacement for the missing tooth as she was currently wearing a partial denture and due to be a bridesmaid so wanted to look her best.

Dr Anthony Lam discussed with Bhavi all of her options with regards to fixed orthodontics, a jaw surgery approach, and permanent restorations such as implants with Dr Shan Lam.

Shan & Anthony worked together to find a middle ground that did not involve orthognathic surgery; that would improve the alignment of the teeth, reduce the overjet and to leave enough space between the upper incisor and the upper lateral for a permanent implant restoration.

This patient’s final treatment plan:
– Fixed upper and lower ceramic braces
– Tooth Whitening
– Implant Placement UR1
– Implant Crown UR1
– New Porcelain Bonded Crown UL2

What a great result! Bhavi now has a wonderfully straight smile that she is confident with and has no need worry about a missing front tooth!


Cosmetic Dentistry, Multidisciplinary, Orthodontics, Tooth Whitening

What’s your smile solution?