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  • I was very nervous about getting dental work done after a bike accident as a child which left me always feeling self-conscious about my teeth. But having been treated by Dr Shan Lam my only regret is that I hadn't discovered her and the Holland Park practice sooner! From the moment I walked in I was made to feel very at ease, and although it was a big job (two front veneers and whitening) I couldn't have been dealt with more kindly or efficiently. My appointments were fitted in to suit not just my busy schedule but also to enable the work to be finished in time for my sister's wedding- and I was so pleased with the results. Now, when I smile, I have a lot more confidence, and would definitely recommend coming here 🙂

    - Laura B.

  • I love the atmosphere of Holland Park Dental Centre, caring and professional, always!

    - J.B

  • Excellent practice. Friendly dentist and extremely helpful hygienist.

    - Mark Gomer

  • Lovely friendly practice, Receptionist was very helpful as was the dentist and the hygienist. A five star practice!

    - M.K

  • Dr. Reznek is a kind, gentle dentist, definitely recommend.

    - Nathan Shalloe

  • Have been coming here for decades, and quite the most comforting and wonderful crew imaginable. Have tried others but no, I was back, despite the trek, to Phil Marsden and co. Highly Recommended.

    - Adam Roberts

  • The dental nurse Rebecca is the friendliest staff member, she was so helpful and encouraging!

    - Logan Shalloe

  • Excellent advice and superb treatment from Dr. Shan Lam.

    - Simon Waldman

  • Dr. Marsden is an outstanding dentist who takes time and trouble to understand his patients' concerns. As a nervous patient I have always found him to be reassuring and completely trust his judgement on the work that needs to be done. Definitely worth travelling across London for.

    - Kathy O'Brien

  • I have been a patient since 2014 . [F]riendly, pleasant and very helpful staff. Dr. Lam is very caring and professional. I am very happy with the treatment that I have received. Highly Recommended.

    - Abtin Barati

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Shan Lam for many years [ . . . ] Dr. Shan is warm, understanding and extremely supportive. She does not deliver false promises but empowers her patients to maintain excellent dental health. When she is operating, Dr. Shan is gentle and tells the patient, in user-friendly terms, what she is doing, why, and what the patient can expect. I would recommend Dr. Shan to anyone, with the utmost confidence. An exceptional dental surgeon!

    - Denise Hines

  • Excellent service, staff are friendly and welcoming. I have been going to Dr. Anthony Lam for almost 5 years, him and his team are amazing. I visited several clinics before deciding to get my braces with him. They are the only ones I trust with my orthodontic needs. They really care about their customers and want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

    - Jess Cader

  • Dr. Shan Lam has offered me the most excellent and professional dental care that I've ever had in my life. She's extremely patient in explaining how she will carry out the checks/treatment and her skills are unrivalled. I would recommend her to anyone [. . .]

    - Chi Ren

  • Dr. Shan Lam has looked after our entire family and has been very thorough and superbly professional through out the time we have been with her. She is particularly fantastic dealing with small children, making them feel comfortable and happy coming to the dentist - even if the procedures have not been the most comfortable ones! I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone.

    - Mia Reay

  • Dr. Marsden has been our family dentist for the past 15 years and has been brilliant throughout, guiding growing children's teeth and my increasingly brittle teeth to be healthy and in the best possible shape. He's a superb dentist/technician but also a warm, caring, personable, practical, no-nonsense, decent and honest man. You could always trust his judgment and recommended course of action - he's not out to milk your money but to care for you. That's rare and precious in today's world, and I feel fortunate that family friends recommended him to us way back when. Highly recommended!

    - Dominik Magyar

  • Thank you so much for the orthodontic treatment over the last three years. [. . .] the result is truly unbelievable. When I look at the mirror, I am still amazed at the transformation to my teeth. I never thought such improvement would be possible. As an adult seeking orthodontic treatment, the lingual brace was clearly the right choice for me. Most of my colleagues did not even notice that I was wearing a brace. I am extremely happy with my teeth and I can now smile with confidence!

    - M.L.

  • Dr. Shan Lam looked after my twin boys and me for nearly ten years. During that time, she has had to contend with dental problems at both ends of the age spectrum. It is to her credit that we have all emerged with our smiles intact. She has been cheerful and attentive at all times.

    - Ms. Carey D

  • Thank you, Dr. Shan Lam, for being not only the best dentist I’ve ever had, but also for being such a lovely, kind, sympathetic and gentle person. Dr. Lam is incredibly thorough and inspires total confidence. She is not only a consummate health professional, but the way she interacts with her patients is truly remarkable.

    - Ms. Budge Z

  • Thank you to Dr. Lam for her friendly, smiley treatment over the past years. I am so grateful to her for ensuring that my children’s first experience of going to the dentist has been so positive and fun.

    - Ms. Miranda G

  • Dr. Lam has been the dentist for me and my family for over ten years. We have been very impressed with her efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. She is very assuring to the children, who actually look forward to their visits. We feel very lucky to have been looked after by Dr. Lam.

    - Ms. Yunfei G

  • Thank you to Dr. Shan Lam for taking such good care of me and my teeth over the years. She has made going to the dentist a pleasure. I’m sure not many people can say that about a visit to a dentist, but I am certain all of her patients feel the same. I know her new patients will be very pleased and lucky to have her as their dentist.

    - Mr. Clive B

  • Dr. Shan Lam has been our dentist for more than thirteen years, and she has seen all of my three boys on a regular basis. Without her very early interventions and support, we would be looking at mouths full of fillings. She is professional, experienced and incredibly thorough. I cannot rate
    Dr. Lam’s professionalism and dental care enough, and I thoroughly recommend her as a dentist.

    - Ms. Julie W

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Shan Lam, most sincerely, for all her kindness and care over the last few years. Not only has she taken excellent care of my dental health—managing to save me from a large tooth extraction and always gently encouraging me to see the hygienist—she has also always made me feel as if she genuinely cared about my health and well-being. [ . . ] I used to dread the dentist and have changed practices several times because I was unhappy with the treatment I had received. Dr. Lam has helped me completely overcome that fear. I genuinely enjoy coming to see her.

    - Ms. Lynne C

  • My husband and I have very much appreciated being treated by Dr. Lam. We are both in our nineties and so over the years have been treated by a large number of dental surgeons. Dr. Lam compares very well with the best of them. Her future patients are privileged!

    - Prof Ivor S. and Mrs. Audrey S

  • Dr. Shan Lam has treated me since 2004, and she is the nicest dentist that I have ever visited. She has restored my confidence in dentists by her calm, gentle and friendly manner. She always takes time to explain why a particular treatment is recommended and what alternative options exist.

    - Mrs. Marjorie W

  • Dr. Shan Lam has made it a pleasure to visit the dentist for my family and I. She is always friendly and welcoming and easy to talk to. She explains what she is doing and why and gives good advice about dental care. She is a definite asset to any surgery.

    - Mrs. Lorna C

  • Dr. Shan Lam has been such an excellent dentist, caring and compassionate as well as highly skilled. A visit to the dentist can be discomforting, but her friendly greeting and smiling face somehow takes the edge off. Her new patients will be very lucky to have her looking after them.

    - Mr. Richard R

  • Dr. Shan Lam is a very forward thinking dentist who has provided dental care for me for around fourteen years.
    She is very approachable and a great listener of any concerns I have had, mainly about pain relief.
    Dr. Lam gave me my first root canal treatment. I was extremely nervous and tense, but her reassurance was superb, and the treatment was over quicker than I expected, with no pain at all.

    - Ms. Sue P

  • In all the years Dr. Shan Lam has been my dentist, I have always found her to be very friendly, helpful and professional. She has been the best dentist I have had in my whole life.

    - Mr. Trevor C

  • Dr. Shan Lam has all the dentistry and personal skills that you could ask for and is the best dentist I have had over my seventy years.

    - Mr. Peter C

  • I have been under the care of Dr. Shan Lam for over six years. She’s fantastic. She turned what can often be an intimidating experience into a warm, caring, safe and professional one. I always felt well looked after and I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family.

    - Mr. Peter W

  • As an older lady of seventy-five years, I feel that Dr. Shan Lam is the best dentist that has looked after my teeth. I have visited many over the years, but only now do I feel that I am getting the best treatment. I have never felt an injection. She is so gentle!

    - Mrs. Wendy J

  • I have been a real ‘dentist phobe’ since I attended the school dentist over 50 years ago. I have found in Dr. Shan Lam a dentist who I can fully trust, who explains every procedure in detail and who gives me the confidence to have dental treatment. She has a real calming effect – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    - Mrs. Linda H

  • In the past, I had some awful experiences at the dentist, and I came to Dr. Shan Lam [. . .] to correct some visibly poor cosmetic dentistry work that I had received elsewhere. I was not disappointed: not only is her treatment comfortable but, the results are also first class. We face the world with our smile, which is why not only my smile has improved but my mental health, too. I therefore have no reservations in recommending my dentist.

    - Mrs. Annie E

  • Thank you to Dr. Shan Lam for the many years during which she has looked after my dental needs. She has always been so helpful and professional, and is an outstanding communicator—a trait not common among health care professionals. I can’t remember ever experiencing any pain or difficulties with any treatment she provided. Her friendly and cheerful approach will be much missed.

    - Mr. Stefan B

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