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How to floss
Aug 02 2021

Do You Floss Properly?

On average only 31% of Brits say that they floss their teeth daily. Despite NHS guidelines suggesting that everyone from the age of 12 should include it in their daily oral hygiene regime. For some, it is seen as an additional extra they simply don't have time for, while others don't know how to do it properly....

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teeth whitening
Apr 28 2021

Does Teeth Whitening Actually Work? | The Fads And The Facts!

The short answer is yes! However, as with many treatments that cross over, between the dental and beauty industries; The question of safety is something we feel very passionately about! From toothpastes to over-the-counter whitening gels and questionable beauty salon treatments. Let's explore which ones work best and what treatments we consider to be the safest....

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