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Find an orthodontist
Nov 02 2021

Find An Orthodontist You Can Trust

Whatever your reasons for needing an Orthodontist, you want to be sure you are choosing the right one for you! Orthodontic treatment can span over a number of years, especially in children so having a good relationship with your Orthodontist is extremely important....

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Diamond Apex Provider Invisalign
Oct 25 2021

Invisalign Diamond Apex Provider

At Holland Park Dental Centre we are extremely proud to be Diamond Apex Invisalign Providers. We are one of Invisalign's top performing dentists across the whole of Europe!But what does this actually mean?...

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free itero scan
Jul 30 2021

iTero Scan

At Holland Park Dental Centre we believe you should have as much information about your desired treatment as possible, before you make a final decision! That is Why we offer our iTero Scans for Free! Everything you need to know!...

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