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Featured Smile Makeover

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Shan Lam BDS (Bris)

Her lateral tooth died, leaving it discoloured.

by Holland Park Dental Centre on Aesthetic Dentistry, Smile Makeover, Orthodontics and General Dentistry

Smile Makeover by Dr Shan Lam and Dr Anthony Lam

We are delighted to present this joint cosmetic dentistry smile makeover case carried out by Dr Shan Lam and Dr Anthony Lam.

Following a car accident many years ago, Bhavi sadly lost her front tooth. Moreover, the nerve in her lateral tooth died, leaving it discoloured. To replace the missing front tooth, Bhavi wore a small removable denture which, for a young lady, was not ideal. Bhavi worried constantly about losing or breaking the device.


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During her consultation with Dr Shan Lam, Bhavi expressed the wish to replace her troublesome front tooth permanently. She was also self-conscious about a large open-bite—the result of years of thumb-sucking. To achieve a more pleasing smile, Bhavi turned to Dr Shan Lam to discuss all available options in dental aesthetics.

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Dr Shan Lam’s conservative approach to Bhavi’s smile makeover meant that all of her original teeth could be preserved.

cosmetic dentist
cosmetic dentist

Bhavi was not keen on orthodontic treatment and, at first, was considering porcelain veneers as well as crown and bridge-work to try to improve her smile. But Dr Shan Lam had an alternative plan. Her goal: to pursue the least invasive option. She recommended that Bhavi see Dr Anthony Lam for an orthodontic consultation.

If her teeth could be brought into a more attractive alignment with the help of braces, no veneers would be needed. Dr Shan Lam’s conservative approach to Bhavi’s smile makeover meant that all of her original teeth could be preserved. This would not have been possible had she chosen veneers.

As for the missing front tooth, Bhavi opted for a dental implant. (A sticky winged bridge, her original preference, carries a risk of detaching.)

Cosmetic Dentist
Cosmetic Dentist
  • Fixed ceramic braces
  • Phillips Zoom teeth whitening
  • Dental implant to replace the missing front tooth
  • Zirconia crown to mask the discolouration of the lateral tooth



Owing to years of experience, and guided by a carefully tailored cosmetic dentist treatment plan, Holland Park Dental Centre was able to transform Bhavi’s smile. To her delight, she can smile confidently again, and no longer needs to worry about wearing—or losing—her denture. The best bit: Bhavi’s beautiful smile was achieved using a far more conservative treatment plan than she initially envisaged.


Bhavi is thrilled with the result, and so are we!

If you’re looking for an aesthetic dental makeover we have a wonderful cosmetic dental team who offer Free Smile Assessments to give you the best treatment plan for you, your teeth and your desired outcome.
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