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Free Smile Assessment

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Shan Lam BDS (Bris)

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Specialist Orthodontic treatment planning ensures outstanding results with fixed braces, every time.

Free Smile Assessment

Braces, Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants… your possibilities are endless when it comes to a smile makeover. Which is why we offer a free smile assessment to help you find the right treatment direction for you!

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Who is the Free Smile Assessment with?

Dr Shan Lam and Dr Neha Radia offer free smile assessments. Both have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and take real pride in their smile makeovers often using a number of dental disciplines to ensure you get the very best result.

What’s included?

The free 15minute assessment is designed for you and your clinician to discuss your concerns and your desired outcome. Your dentist will then have a brief assessment of your current dentition and give you their knowledgeable, experienced treatment recommendations.

What’s considered?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on your smile and how we can help improve or enhance its appearance by carrying out modifications to the colour, position, shape, size, alignment of your teeth, and therefore your overall smile.

Treatments include teeth whitening, tooth-coloured composite bondings or fillings, recontouring or reshaping of teeth as well as veneers, crowns and orthodontics.

A cosmetic dental treatment plan may, therefore, involve more than one technique to help us provide your desired result.

Why is a smile important?

As well as lifting your mood, and creating a sense of well-being. Having a beautiful smile can increase your confidence and can improve others’ first impression of you.


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What’s next?

After your free smile assessment, we will give you all of the information that you need about each treatment that is recommended to you. We will give you an appointment schedule and an accurate idea of the costs involved.

How do I get started?

If you haven’t had a dental exam in a while, we would recommend that you do this before starting any cosmetic treatment. You can do this at your general dentist, or join Holland Park as a patient and take advantage of our New Patient Offer if you don’t have a regular dentist.

Other options

There are a few other avenues to find the best treatment for you. If you’re interested in Orthodontics you can book a free iTero scan and consultation. And, if you can’t make it into us, you can submit a free e-consult online and we’ll assess your photos and get back you with our treatment recommendations.

Book a Free Smile Assessment 

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