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Is dental treatment abroad a good idea?

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Anthony Lam BDS (Hons), MSc (Lond), MOrth RCS (Edin)

dental treatment abroad

Advantages of dental tourism are; it's fast and it can be up to 50-90% cheaper than in the UK

A quick google search for “Dental tourism” or “ Dental treatment abroad” will throw up an enormous amount of results. Promising you low cost and high-quality treatment – but is dental treatment abroad really a good option?

What is Dental Tourism?

The term refers to those that travelling abroad to receive dental treatment. It used to refer to those who travel from less-developed countries to receive better care than what’s available to them. But now, its commonly used to describe those who travel in search of a money-saving option.

Risks of Dental Treatment Abroad

Compared to say brain surgery, dental treatment is a relatively low-risk procedure. With many, if not all, not requiring a stay in hospital.  So when it comes down to it the stakes aren’t very high.

But, it’s worth considering the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice”. Of course, it is abundantly possible for you to receive great quality care and a high standard of dentistry – cheaper than in the UK. But do not be tempted by the cheapest you can find – good quality materials, labour and skill will cost money anywhere in the world.

Communication and understanding are at the very core of what we offer at Holland Park Dental Centre. Your input and understanding of your treatment plan, the reason and the expected outcome is of utmost importance. Travelling for your dental treatment could result in a language barrier that could make it difficult to for you to communicate, to consent and to agree.

Continuity of care should also be considered. Your dental history, your susceptibly to decay, your gum type, your bruxism habits – will all have a part to play in which treatment is the best for you. This will be impossible for your overseas dentist to have a real, genuine understanding of. Your long-term general dentist in the UK will know you. And, know your teeth. Your treatment plan will be built around you and your dental history to ensure you don’t get a treatment that will be detrimental to the health of your other teeth and your gums.

Had you also considered aftercare? As appealing as, new teeth in under a week coupled with seeing the city sites are; what if something goes wrong? A veneer falls off? Or fractures? Will you fly back and incur flight and hotel expenses for one tooth? The alternative is to try and find a dentist in the UK that is able to match the materials from overseas – which can be hard as there are thousands of dental material supply companies across the world.

We are lucky to have a number of governing bodies that ensure not only a high standard of patient care but of also infection control. Travelling the globe for dental treatments will mean you’re at risk of having a treatment in a country that doesn’t have as strict standards. Infection control and cross-contamination control is a huge factor to consider when deliberating dental tourism.

Cheaper options at home

There are other ways to make the dentistry you need affordable, at home. We offer 0% finance on virtually all of our treatment plans. Where we don’t – we can help you get the finance together by taking pre-payments and adding credit to your account and by breaking up your treatments into affordable appointments.

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You could also consider treatment at Dental Schools – costly treatments like Root Canals and Composite Bondings can be available at many teaching hospitals across London and the UK.


See if you can afford the treatment at home, Book a Free Smile Assessment Today! 

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