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Cosmetic Dentistry Articles

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of teeth, gums, and smiles through various treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants, aiming to improve aesthetics and boost self-confidence.
Icon Treatment
Jan 26 2021

Icon Smile Makeover

Dr Shan Lam used the revolutionary ICON treatment to treat Adam's white spot lesion in less than an hour!...

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Oral Health Tips
Dec 01 2020

7 Festive Oral Health Tips

You'll be forgiven for not making your oral health top of your priority list - we've written a few festive oral health tips to help you keep your teeth clean, your crowns in place and to avoid any rapid decay....

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Cosmetic Dentist
Nov 06 2020

Featured Smile Makeover

Dr Shan Lam’s conservative approach to Bhavi’s smile makeover meant that all of her original teeth could be preserved....

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Dental Hygiene
Oct 19 2020

6 Dental Myths Debunked

Almost everyone will have heard of a dental horror story or dental myth. We have heard a few recurring dental myths over the years and the list below will hopefully make things clear....

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Aug 03 2020

Why we love Invisalign

Used by over 8 million people worldwide - there's a reason Invisalign is so popular, here are 10 reasons that we love it so much!...

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