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iTero Scan

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Anthony Lam BDS (Hons), MSc (Lond), MOrth RCS (Edin)


See your smile before you start with iTero

The iTero Scanner captures hundreds of images per second to create a digital model of your teeth. It’s really an advanced intra-oral camera and it’s the software that generates your smile prediction.

Does it hurt?

No. The camera on the end of the iTero scanner wand is passed across all surfaces of your teeth until the software says that we have captured enough detail. Sometimes, with the very back teeth, this can be a bit fiddly but it is in no way painful, the scanner takes pictures just like any other camera.

What are the benefits to the iTero?

  • Faster treatment
  • No gooey impressions
  • Instant result simulation
  • No obligation
  • It’s Free!

Faster Treatment with iTero

Because your digital file is uploaded directly to the Invisalign system we’re able to get your treatment started much faster than when we ship traditional dental impressions to California!

No gooey impressions with iTero

The digital iTero scan completely omits the need to have gooey traditional dental impressions. It’s the ideal treatment starter for those with a gag reflex or a small mouth.

Instant result simulation with iTero

The computer generates a simulated outcome, instantly! The computer software shows a side by side comparison of how your teeth are now, to how they could look after Invisalign treatment.

No obligation

Orthodontics can be a big decision and should be thought about with great detail. Therefore, we do not pressure you to make a decision at your scan appointment. We welcome you to bring a friend or a relative along to consider all of the facts with – and we’ll email you your simulated outcome to consider further.

iTero Scans are Free

Further to needing consideration, orthodontics can be a more costly branch of dentistry so we want you to be sure, and to be happy with your predicted outcome before you begin. We don’t charge for iTero scans so that you can have all of the facts to help make your decision.

If you want to see your iTero simulated outcome get in touch today or book online! 

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