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Why Dentists Make The Best Facial Aesthetics Practitioners.

Facial Aesthetics
Apr 05 2021

Why Dentists Make The Best Facial Aesthetics Practitioners.

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Shan Lam BDS (Bris)

Highly Qualified In Facial Aesthetics!

Dentists train for at least 5 years with a minimum of 1 year supervised practice, gaining an unrivalled triad of skills –

  • Clinical Dexterity
  • Artistry
  • Core Anatomical Knowledge

Dental professionals have a unique position in the facial aesthetics industry, making them the best qualified to carry out these procedures!

facial aesthetics

Beautiful Smiles Are Our Passion

We know that facial aesthetic & cosmetic treatments aren’t just about looking good! More than any other medical professional, we understand what it takes to create a great smile, and how being embarrassed about your teeth can impact your social and mental wellbeing. Our cosmetic treatment plans consider the entire face – making dentists best placed to provide treatments that complement and enhance a natural looking, beautiful smile.

We Know Faces

Dentists under go extensive training and have intimate knowledge of the muscles, nerves and movements of the – mouth, cheeks and eyes – We understand how they are all linked and how changing one element can affect the movement of another. Making dentists experts in carrying out facial aesthetic procedures!

And another thing! After years of administering local anesthetic into soft gum tissue, an injectable, such as Botox or filler treatment, is virtually painless with a dentist.

“I’ve Just Been To The Dentist”

No one wants to look like they’ve had work done. Using the many skills developed over years of training our dentists are able to make noticeable changes to your problem areas while still being natural looking. And better yet: When you tell your friends and family that you have “just been to the dentist,” it is actually true; they’ll be none the wiser!

Deciding to go ahead with facial aesthetic treatments is not something that should be done on a whim, we offer a Free Consultation, with No Obligation, where you can discuss available procedures and what is involved, allowing you to make an informed decision!

facial aesthetics
Facial aesthetics

Safety First

We happily welcomed the recent GMC ruling stating that beauticians are not best qualified for injectable cosmetic facial treatments, something we’ve always had a guarded view on.

 In a world of seemingly ungoverned providers, cross infection and health and safety can quite quickly become a concern when choosing a facial aesthetics provider. We are a highly regarded practice – in all of the treatments we provide – So you can be sure when choosing a treatment at our dental practice, you’ll be guaranteed strict cross infection control along with the highest levels of clinical professionalism.

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