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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Shan Lam BDS (Bris)

cosmetic dentistry

Dentists define Cosmetic Dentistry as a method of Dentistry that improves the appearance of a patients smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is the term used to describe  treatments that focus on your smile and how they can improve or enhance its appearance.

Improvements include changes to the;

  • Colour
  • Position
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Alignment of your teeth

A cosmetic dental treatment plan will usually involve more than one technique. This helps us to provide the desired result you’re are hoping for.

What is a Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Dentists train for years to become as knowledgeable as possible and making sure your mouth is the happiest and healthiest it can be is their main priority, while there are other cosmetic options out there, many don’t work and others can end up causing other dental problems if not done correctly – so make sure you use a trained professional to carry out any cosmetic dentistry – dentists really do know best in this situation! Our dentists use a number of techniques to help you to achieve your perfect smile these treatments include;

What Cosmetic Dental Treatment do I need?

We offer a Free Smile Assessment to find out your desired result and to give you an idea of the best cosmetic dental treatments for you. You know what it is that you are hoping to achieve and our dentists have the specialist training and knowledge of what is possible, so a face to face discussion is the perfect opportunity to come up with a real and achievable plan!

What’s next?

If you wish to proceed with cosmetic dentistry and are happy with the treatments recommended at your Free Smile Assessment the next step is to book a comprehensive consultation. We will evaluate your smile and the health of your teeth further, and your concerns and expectations will be discussed in detail.

Clinical photographs may be taken, along with some x-rays and moulds of your teeth to record your current position.

Your dentist will explain the treatment suggestions.  And together, you can develop a personalised treatment plan that will result in a natural looking, more attractive smile that will compliment your facial features.


Cosmetic Dentistry

No Obligation!

Having a Comprehensive Consultation does not mean you have to proceed with the treatment – We understand that many people wish to know all the facts before going ahead with any dental treatment and we want you to make the right decision for you and your smile! There is no obligation to commit to treatment at the consultation and we’ll send a letter detailing the findings, treatment recommendations and treatment plan to you, so you can consider your options and make an informed decision!

Financing cosmetic dental treatment.

Cosmetic dental treatments are often, quick and affordable and payable per appointment. However, if your treatment plan is of a higher value we do offer a number of tailored finance options which we can discuss with you.

Book a Free Smile Assessment, get in touch today or book online! 

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