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You should consider these 4 cosmetic dental treatments

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Shan Lam BDS (Bris)

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Smiling can be powerful at boosting your immune system and your mood.

4 Cosmetic Dental treatments that you should consider

Cosmetic dental treatment can instantly transform your smile – Did you know that smiling immediately improves your mood? Our whole body relaxes when we smile and because of this, our immune function improves. The simple act of smiling offers numerous health benefits, and it can be a powerful tool in generating positive emotions within and around you.

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So, what happens when you can’t even afford to smile? If you have yellowed teeth, or even missing or chipped teeth, smiling can make you more self-conscious. This may not bode well for your self-esteem, physical health, and overall relationships with others, and this is what the world of dentistry is trying to change through cosmetic dental treatments. Let’s look at the different cosmetic dentistry procedures, and what type you might want to consider in dealing with your own smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental treatment aims to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentists work with you to develop a treatment plan unique to your situation. Even though undergoing a cosmetic procedure is not compulsory and more of a personal decision, some cases of treatment do provide restorative benefits too.

Who should go for cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Cosmetic dentistry is subjective to every patient and treatment plans are highly individualised. Some patients want to focus on improving their oral health while others just want to improve their overall smile. Generally, people should consider undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedure if their teeth are:

  • Stained
  • Discoloured
  • Worn
  • Chipped
  • Broken
  • Misshapen
  • Misaligned
  • Have gaps between them

Types of cosmetic dentistry procedures

1. Teeth Whitening – If you have suffered from stained and discoloured teeth, teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most common ways to improve your smile. The process of teeth whitening involves placing a bleaching agent on your teeth lightening your smile. Teeth whitening can also be performed on patients who want to restore their teeth’s natural appearance after plaque and tartar has built upon the surfaces of their teeth.

2. Porcelain VeneersVeneers are custom-made laminates of tooth-coloured porcelain that is designed to cover the front surface of your teeth that are chipped, uneven, or discoloured. Cosmetic dentists remove about half-millimetre of enamel from the tooth surface wherein the thin shells are bonded to the front of the teeth, improving your smile. They are meant to recreate the natural look of your teeth so you can’t even tell the difference!

3. Porcelain Crowns – Just like veneers, porcelain crowns, also known as “caps” are custom-made. The major difference is that the covering encases not just the surface of the tooth but encases the entire tooth, restoring it to its original shape and size. Porcelain crowns can protect and strengthen decaying or damaged teeth, which can no longer be restored with fillings or any other type of restoration. Porcelain crowns can also be used cosmetically to cover misshapen or severely discoloured teeth.

4. Composite Bondings –  This is the fastest option! You will get the best results from Composite Bondings if you pair it with Teeth Whitening first. In just one appointment your cosmetic dentist can artfully shape and polish tooth coloured composite directly onto your tooth’s surface and create the illusion of a perfect smile.

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Various cosmetic dental procedures available can dramatically enhance your smile and boost your confidence. As your trusted dentist in Kensington and Chelsea, we can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry. We also have a number of 0% Finance options to make your treatment more affordable.  Contact us today to discuss a plan or book a Free Smile Assessment!

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